Castle Callout: Armor Up with Salvation!

Bible Story: Midnight Praise with Paul and Silas, Acts 16:16-40

Activities: Paper Dragon Puppet, Earthquake Engineering, Helmet of Salvation

Science-y Fun: Earthquake Engineering Bible Connection

How does the Earthquake Shake Table activity connect to today’s Bible story of Paul and Silas in prison?

God protected Paul and Silas from being imprisoned through an earthquake in jail. That sounds like a crazy way to protect people -- with an earthquake! But God had more on His mind than simply freeing Paul and Silas from jail. God used the earthquake as an opportunity for Paul and Silas to do a great thing. Paul’s and Silas’s faith in God was so strong that they didn’t run away when the jail doors broke open. Instead, they stayed in the jail so they could tell the jailer all about Jesus. So not only Paul and Silas were saved - the jail guard was saved, too, because he became a believer in Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

In modern times, God helps people protect themselves from earthquakes by giving us the ability to build safely. That’s why we tried to build a house (or castle!) that would stand up to our pretend earthquake on the shake table.

God also offers to save each one of us through His son, Jesus. As Paul and Silas told the jailer, “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” (Acts 16:31)

Sometimes we don’t understand why God allows us to go through hard times -- things like fear and loneliness and worry may make our lives feel shaky. When Paul and Silas were chained up in jail, they could have been worried and scared -- but they remembered the good things God had done and they rejoiced and sang songs of thanks and praise to God. And something wonderful happened -- the jailer came to know and love God. He and his family became believers in Jesus!!

So the next time your life feels shaky, remember that God is bigger than your problems, and rejoice in the Lord - thank Him, and tell someone how wonderful it is to know that God is always on your side!

Armor of God: Helmet of Salvation

The helmet kit is in your Fun Bag. You’ll also need scissors and tape or a stapler to make the basic helmet. For decorating, add Knights of North Castle Sticker sheets, markers, and crayons. Please note that markers and crayons will work best on the flat pieces of cardstock before they are shaped into the helmet; stickers will work fine at any time.

1. Wrap a cardstock piece around your child’s head, and find the spot where you need to fasten it to make a band. Remove the cardstock from child’s head and fasten in that spot with staples or tape (use tape on both sides, and if there’s a lot of overlap, use two rows of staples). Try this band on your child’s head.

*NOTE: If the cardstock isn’t big enough to overlap around your child’s head, you may need to add another small piece of paper to bridge the gap. But, this piece of cardstock fit on Miss Chris’s adult head with thick, frizzy, not-cut-since-February hair, so you should be okay!

2. Cut the 2nd piece of cardstock in half, and attach the two halves to the band. You may want to trim the halves down a little, so they don’t stick up too high, especially for younger children with smaller heads.

3. Use tape or glue stick to add the word “Salvation” to the crown. Then give your child a sheet of stickers to decorate their crown...markers and crayons would be fun, too!