Castle Callout: Armor Up with Faith!

Bible Story: Jesus Walks on Water, Matthew 14:22-33

Activities: Bracelet of Faith, Pencil Flips, Shield of Faith

Science-y Fun: Pencil Flip Bible Connection

How does the Pencil Flip activity work?

When your eyes catch an image, they send it to your brain. Your brain holds on to that image for about 1/15 of a second. If you look at a new image during that time, your brain merges the two. This is the science behind movies and cartoons. Cartoons are a stream of drawings that change very quickly, but your brain sees them as constant movement. As you roll the pencil quickly between your hands, think about this: you have created a tiny cartoon!

How does the Pencil Flip activity connect to Jesus walking on water?

Flipping the images by rolling the pencils in our hands helped us see an image of Jesus standing on the stormy sea. When you are in a tough spot, you can picture the ways that God has been faithful in the past, and that will help you remember to look for God at work in your current situation. God is always with us through the storms of life!

Armor of God: Shield of Faith

Today we learned about the Shield of Faith. This is a piece of armor you don't have to wear; instead, you hold it. Just think what you could do with a real shield. If someone throws a snowball at you, you can lift the shield so it doesn't hit you at all. We can use the Shield of Faith in the same way when things like temptations or doubt or fear. That way we protect our positive thoughts – that God always loves us and is always with us!

To make your Shield of Faith:

  • Cut out the word FAITH (encourage your child to do the cutting and pasting if they are able) and the rectangle that comes with it. The letters are really big, so you may have to trim close to the F and the H.

  • Set the rectangle aside for now. Glue the word FAITH to the front of the shield.

  • Your child can decorate the shield with Knights of North Castle stickers (save some for Day 5), markers, crayons, etc.

  • Now take the long rectangle, and fold it to make a handle, as shown below. Tape the handle vertically onto the back of the shield, so your child can pick up the shield.