Castle Callout: Armor Up With Truth!

Bible Story: David Defeats Goliath, 1 Samuel 17:1-50a

Activities: Mosaic Castle, Catapult, Breastplate of Justice

Science-y Fun: Catapult

Watch Ms. Chris show you how to make your catapult!

Catapult Bible Connection

(Read this after you’ve made and played with your catapult.)

How does our catapult science activity connect to the story of David and Goliath?

Today’s science activity represents the kind of catapult and trebuchets that knights used long ago to protect their castle. Our catapults won’t actually protect a castle very well, especially since we’re launching pompoms and pong balls! A catapult is similar to David’s sling from the Bible. With his faith and God’s power, David used a small stone to defeat that big giant, Goliath.

Like David, we can help protect our friends and neighbors from the mean things people might say. Not by firing pompoms at unkind people with our catapult, but by speaking up when someone’s being unfair or mean. Our relationship with God will help us stand up for justice.

So when you try out your catapult, remember David and the courage God gave him to stand up for justice.

Armor of God: Breastplate of Justice

Today we learned about the Breastplate of Justice. We put on the Breastplate of Justice so that God will protect our hearts and help us speak up for what is right and just.

To make your Breastplate of Justice:

1. Cut out the word JUSTICE and glue it to the front of the breastplate. (The letters are BIG, so trim very close to the J and the E!). The word will fit straight across the bottom, or even diagonally.

2. Use markers, crayons and Knights of North Castle stickers (inside the folder in your bag) to color the letters and decorate the breastplate. Each child has two sheets of stickers in your folder -- be sure to save some stickers for Day 4 and 5 Armor of God crafts!

3. Then help your child put on the breastplate – attach the yarn from the shoulders to the hips. You can crisscross the straps in back if you like. You may need to trim the straps for better fit.