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Day 5 Opening

In case you missed it, this was our Opening on Day 5!

Friday's Presentation

The Armorer, Sparky, and Knights of North Castle go on a quest to find the Helmet of Salvation using clues from the King's book and the story of Midnight Praise with Paul and Silas.

Watch using the links below, pausing as needed for breaks, snack, and activities.

Extra Stuff:

Day 5 Closing

In case you missed it, this was our Closing on Day 5!

Today's Zoom Session

Now that you've spent the morning seeing US and all this great VBS content, we'd love to see YOU at 12:00 pm on Zoom! You can hang out and eat your lunch or just chat for a few minutes after VBS closes. We're looking forward to seeing your crafts and hearing about your experiences from the morning.

Registered families, check your email for the Zoom log in invitation! We can't wait to see you!